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Backformentausch 10,00 € Rabatt
Backformentausch 10,00 € Rabatt


One single frying pan for everything? Unfortunately, that doesn't exist!

A frying pan must meet various technical requirements. Just like in sports, a single frying pan cannot be the best in all disciplines.
One impresses with its good heat distribution, the other with its ease of care. One has good non-stick properties, the other can be heated to very high temperatures. So each frying pan has its own particular strengths.

Which pan do you need for what?

PTFE-coated: The frying pan with good non-stick properties – A very
versatile frying pan. The non-stick coating prevents food from sticking, but it must not get too hot.
= for gentle frying of vegetables, meat, fish, egg dishes, pastries and potatoes

Ceramic coated: The easy-care – This easy-to-clean frying pan is
Thanks to the ceramic coating, it can be heated to high temperatures and transfers heat efficiently. Always use enough fat or oil.
= for searing meat and poultry.

Uncoated stainless steel: The frying pan for meat – This uncoated frying pan
can be heated to high temperatures and is therefore particularly suitable for searing meat and poultry.
= for searing meat, vegetables and egg dishes (only with enough oil/fat

Uncoated iron: A very robust frying pan with excellent heat distribution. After repeated use, a patina forms that acts like a non-stick layer.
= for searing and gentle frying, meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, fried eggs, crepes, blinis