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Umtausch Aktion 10,00 € Rabatt
Kai Messer Pflegetipps & Handhabung

Kai knife care tips & handling

Before first use

Rinse the knife with hot water and dry it completely with a soft towel.

Handling / Application

As a cutting board we recommend wooden boards (preferably head wood), as well as
Plastic bases (medium hardness). When cutting on granite, glass or porcelain, your knife will lose its sharpness very quickly and you risk breaking the cutting edge.

These knives are extremely sharp, but the harder the steel, the more sensitive it becomes. So you should never cut on bones, fish bones, frozen foods, etc. A cleaver is recommended for this application.

After use

After each use of the knives, you should ensure that you clean the knives immediately after use without using aggressive detergents, rinse them with clean water and dry them with a soft cloth. For your own protection, you should always wipe the knife from the back of the blade with a dishcloth or towel.

Acidic substances such as lemon juice should be rinsed off immediately after use.

The knives are not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.


When storing the knives, make sure that the cutting edge never comes into contact with other metal objects. This will prevent the cutting edge from becoming damaged. Store the knives either in a knife block, a magnetic wall board, a wooden drawer insert or, in the case of Japanese blade shapes, in a wooden sheath.

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