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Backformentausch 10,00 € Rabatt
Backformentausch 10,00 € Rabatt
Ob mit Dampf - oder Softgaren - damit können sie Strom sparen

Whether with steam or soft cooking, you can save electricity


An average family uses around 11% of its annual energy requirements when cooking and baking. With the right cookware you can save a lot of electricity and therefore money. But not only that! The two cooking processes “soft cooking” and “steam cooking” also help to save time and eat healthier. Careful preparation preserves valuable nutrients such as vitamins.

Assuming that from today on you would only cook with the DUROTHERM®/HOTPAN® and a DUROMATIC®, then you would save so much electricity per year that you would...

... you could watch TV without interruption for 34 days.
… you could wash 85 washing machines full of clothes at 60 °C.
… you could make 115 pizzas in your oven.
... you could work on your computer for 60 days without a break.

Further information: Kuhn Rikon save energy

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