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Ab 60,- keine Versandkosten - jetzt Bestellung ergänzen
Ab 60,- keine Versandkosten - jetzt Bestellung ergänzen
Farbenfroh, abenteuerlich, für Kinder gemacht. Die neuen My First Victorinox Sets

Colorful, adventurous, made for children. The new My First Victorinox sets

The adventures of the dolphin, the rabbit, the parrot and their friends accompany the colorful versions of the “My First Victorinox” pocket knives. The sets for children in the animal version consist of a colorful pocket knife with a rounded tip, a matching neck strap and a coloring book that takes the children on exciting adventures.

Boys and girls can choose between three different models: the adventures of the dolphin and his friends in the ocean, the rabbit who explores the forest with his friends and masters various exciting tasks, or the parrot who has fun at a tropical island party. The decision will definitely not be easy, be it for the children, parents or other people who are looking for a gift to make children's eyes light up.

Victorinox is proud of over 130 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality knives in Switzerland. Victorinox guarantees that all tools and knives are made from first-class, rust-proof stainless steel and offers a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

All knives meet Victorinox's well-known and very high quality standards and are 100% made in Switzerland.

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